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We provide information about the Warranty Policy when purchasing any product at Cashion.vn. Please refer to the details in the content below. Sincerely!

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Customers will receive a 150% refund of the product’s value if they discover it to be counterfeit, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The product is certified as ‘Unidentified‘ using Entrupy authentication technology by authorized Entrupy-certified inspection entities, which have received technology transfer and training for official device usage in Vietnam. You can learn more about Entrupy technology here: https://cashion.vn/kiem-dinh-tui-xach/.
  2. The product is still within the warranty period.
  3. The warranty certificate is intact, clear, and contains complete information without any alterations or signs of tampering.
  4. The product’s model number and serial number must match the information recorded on the warranty certificate.
  5. Manufacturer’s warranty stickers and seals on the product must remain intact, if applicable.

Warranty Period

  1. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase (as specified on the warranty certificate).
  2. Within 1 year, if the product is authenticated by Entrupy at other companies, and the result is ‘Unidentified‘ different from Cashion’s commitment, the customer will be compensated according to the warranty policy as mentioned above.

Location Warranty Services

Warranty service locations are provided specifically on the warranty certificate. Customers can also contact Cashion’s hotline at +848 9917 9686 for the fastest assistance and guidance.