Ký gửi túi xách hàng hiệu tại Cashion
Ký gửi túi xách hàng hiệu tại Cashion

Consignment of Luxury Bags – Sell Your Bags at Your Desired Price

When you consign luxury bags with Cashion, a division of Người Bạn Vàng Pawnshop and Purchasing, you have the opportunity to sell your bag at a price of your choosing. We provide full support throughout the entire process, from listing and negotiation to delivery.

The growing trend of sustainable fashion and the rise of secondhand products have created many meaningful options for luxury consumers. For instance, if you wish to sell your pre-owned bags, there are various solutions and choices available based on your needs and the products you own.

The consignment solution is considered comprehensive. While it may take some time for the consignment service to sell your product, it can save you a lot of effort and help you achieve the desired price.

The Consignment Process

At Cashion, all our services maintain a premium quality standard with clear, consistent, and transparent procedures. Customers can review and verify the process by using our services directly in our stores. Here are the steps in our consignment process:

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Consignment Costs

The consignment service is not new, but Cashion takes pride in offering competitive and transparent fees in the market. Below are all the costs associated with using Cashion’s consignment service:

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  • Authentication via Entrupy is undertaken during the second step, ensuring that every item consigned is of verified authenticity. This measure not only fortifies Cashion’s commitment to quality but also safeguards the interests of our esteemed consignors.
  • The photography fee becomes applicable solely if the item is retrieved before it finds a buyer. However, should the product get sold, this particular fee is waived, offering a seamless experience for our clients.
  • For items valued below VND50,000,000, a consignment commission of 15% is levied, with a minimum charge set at VND800,000. To illustrate, for an item priced at VND5,000,000, the calculated commission would be VND750,000. Yet, given our stipulated minimum, the consignor would be charged a fee of VND800,000. This transparent and competitive fee structure underscores Cashion’s pledge to deliver unparalleled value to its patrons.

What types of assets can you consign?

With an array of diverse and highly professional services tailored to high-value assets, Cashion wholeheartedly welcomes consignments ranging from tens of millions to billions of Vietnamese Dong. Our acceptance criteria encompass a wide range of high-value items, including luxury handbags from renowned brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, as well as diamonds, diamond jewelry, and mechanical watches from prestigious names like Rolex, Hublot, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Tissot, and more.

Why choose us?

Maximize the Value of Your High-End Bags

Consignment with Cashion enables you to sell your high-end bags at a price you desire, without compromising their value. High-end bags often experience significant depreciation when sold immediately, sometimes losing up to 95% of their original retail value. This depreciation is commonplace for bags that have been used extensively or exhibit signs of wear and tear. However, for bags in new or lightly used condition, complete with their original packaging and accessories, such a steep loss in value is undesirable. Opting for consignment allows you to maintain a larger portion of your bag’s worth.

Save Time and Effort

Selling a high-end bag independently can be a time-consuming process, involving efforts to find potential buyers, negotiate prices, finalize transactions, and manage product delivery. Consignment agencies, like Cashion, handle these aspects professionally, utilizing dedicated teams and established customer networks. The duration required to sell your bag through consignment is often more expedient than attempting to do so independently. Thus, consignment offers a convenient, time-saving alternative while potentially yielding a superior selling price.

Cashion’s consignment service provides a reliable and efficient solution for selling high-value assets at their optimal price point. While the selling process may entail some time, its overall effectiveness surpasses many other approaches. We trust that this information assists you in selecting the most suitable method for selling your high-end items.