Authenticating Handbags with Entrupy Technology at the Lowest Market Price

Vietnam is one of the markets where famous brand handbags are extensively counterfeited. From exquisite models like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, to the most expensive brands like Hermes, they can be counterfeited so meticulously that the naked eye can hardly distinguish.

This makes buying luxury handbags from sources like imported goods or pre-owned bags very challenging, requiring buyers to have extensive experience to detect counterfeit and imitation products. However, there are cases where even experienced experts cannot differentiate between a fake bag and an authentic one, as counterfeit bags are made with comparable craftsmanship.

Due to the difficulty in authenticating handbags, Entrupy technology has emerged to provide more choices for buyers by allowing them to verify the authenticity of handbags. Cashion by Nguoi Ban Vang is currently the leading partner of Entrupy in Vietnam, with a nationwide network and the lowest authentication fees on the market.

Entrupy Technology

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Entrupy is a cutting-edge technology developed in the United States, specifically in New York. This innovative system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and collaborates with prestigious luxury brands to access the most up-to-date information, design patterns, and material specifications. As a result, it delivers precise and expeditious authentication outcomes.

This state-of-the-art solution is ideally suited for the modern era, as it consistently provides unparalleled accuracy and rapid updates, surpassing the capabilities of human experts and human memory.

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The operational process for authenticating luxury handbags using Entrupy technology employs a sophisticated scanning device equipped with an ultra-compact microscope. This cutting-edge device meticulously scans the bag’s surfaces, magnifying images up to an astounding 400 times, revealing intricate details that often elude the human eye.

Following this meticulous scanning, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms come into play. They autonomously cross-reference the captured images with an extensive database boasting over 50 million images of genuine products from across the globe. These algorithms meticulously analyze similarities and distinctions, promptly delivering a verdict on the product’s authenticity. All of this occurs within a remarkably brief timeframe, ensuring a swift and accurate authentication process.

Supported Brands by Entrupy

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Illustrating the Entrupy Authentication Process

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The handbag authentication process is conducted with utmost care and precision by Cashion’s team of authentication specialists, utilizing Entrupy’s specialized authentication device. This meticulous procedure adheres strictly to Cashion’s established standards. Each of Cashion’s handbag authentication specialists is equipped with extensive knowledge, expertise, and the necessary equipment to ensure both the safety and authenticity of the handbags.

Entrupy Certificate Template

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Not only does it end at assisting you in confirming the authenticity of a handbag. Following the inspection with Entrupy technology, your handbag is also granted a certificate of authentication or left unidentified. This certificate permanently resides on the Entrupy website and can be easily accessed and printed as needed.

Please note: The Entrupy certificate is solely valid for ensuring the handbag’s authenticity at the time of inspection. Cashion by Nguoi Ban Vang holds no responsibility for any instances of malicious individuals using Nguoi Ban Vang’s certificate for their illicit gains.

Entrupy technology inspection fee

Authentication Fee

At NBV’s stores VND700.000/item
At home VND800.000/item
Hermes Authentication via our services VND3.700.000/item
Hermes Authentication at our stores VND4.000.000/item
Hermes Authentication at home VND4.100.000/item