1. Any conditions or restrictions on the provision of goods or services, such as time limitations or geographical limitations, if any;

Currently, we do not impose any limitations on the provision of services regarding time or geographical scope. All transactions are based on orders and information provided by the customer, and they are advised by before completing the purchase transaction.

2. Inspection policy; Return policy, including return period, methods of return or exchange of purchased goods, refund procedures, and the cost associated with returns:

Customers have the right to inspect the product upon receipt. Customers will not incur any fees for exchanges or returns in the following cases:

  • The product received matches the information as advertised (the product must still have its original packaging intact).
  • The product’s quality does not match the information provided.
  • The product delivered does not match the ordered items (the product must still have its original packaging intact).

In all other cases, if customers wish to return or exchange their items, they must keep the product intact and cover the two-way shipping fee. Alternatively, the return fee may be deducted from the refunded amount, increasing the shipping fee by approximately 10% compared to the original order price.

Method of return or exchange: Shipping as originally used when purchasing.

Refund method: In cash or through bank transfer.

For any complaints or inquiries related to returns or exchanges, please contact us at +848 9917 9686 (Hotline) or email for assistance.

3. Product Warranty Policy, if applicable;

The product warranty policy is agreed upon for each individual order. Returns and exchanges of products are subject to the terms and conditions specified in the respective order.

4. Service Standards, Service Delivery Procedures, Fees, and Other Terms and Conditions Related to the Provision of Services, Including Any Terms and Limitations if Applicable;

Currently, all transactions on the website are conducted through a series of steps. Customers view product and service information on the website, make inquiries, and place orders. The customer service hotline at provides assistance. Orders are then processed and delivered to customers through designated delivery services.

5. Obligations of the Seller and Obligations of the Customer in Each Transaction

For the Seller

Responsible for providing products of the quality as advertised Responsible for refunding, and warranty of the product if the fault is due to the seller Responsible for compensating for damages if applicable

For the Customer

Responsible for paying the purchase amount as agreed upon Have the right to inspect the product before receiving it.