Diamond Ring 585-0.530 TBA2316327

Code: TBA2316327 – CAS2320359
01 diamond 4.5mm VVS2-K with PNJ LAB: 867007
04 diamonds 1.5mm
06 diamonds 1.2mm
Gold weight: 0.530 mace of gold
Degree fineness: 585
Size: 10

Original price was: 19.000.000Đ.Current price is: 16.150.000Đ.

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Original price was: 59.000.000Đ.Current price is: 50.150.000Đ.
Product on sale
Original price was: 45.000.000Đ.Current price is: 38.250.000Đ.
Nhẫn kim cương 585-0.530 TBA2316327
Diamond Ring 585-0.530 TBA2316327

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